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Jewish Heritage and Jewish Presence in Berlin

There is no other city in Europe underging such substantial developments in the Jewish community than in Berlin. With some 10.000 Jews registered in the Jewish community and appr. 20.000 additional people who identify themselves as belonging to the Jewish people, more and more intiatives, independent organisations and grassroot movements are adding to what the Jewish community has achieved since 1945. We can not list every initiative here, but we try to provide you with the most important information.

The main organisation in which the Berlin Jewry is organized is the "Jüdische Gemeinde zu Berlin" - the Jewish Community of Berlin
Under it´s umbrella a kindergarten, an elementary school and a high school are operated.

The Jewish community has 8 synagogues:

Fraenkelufer 10, conservatice • Herbartstraße 26(Sukkat Schalom) reform • Joachimsthaler Straße 13 orthodox (ashkenas)• Oranienburger Straße 29 conservative-egalitarian• Passauer Straße 4orthodox (sefardic) • Pestalozzistraße 14, liberal, separate seating, no female clergy •   Rykestraße 53 conservativ

Services are held as well in other synagogues, which do not belong to the Jewish Community of Berlin

Bet Haskala  progressive Lichtburgforum, Behmstr. 13, • Brunnenstraße 33 (Beis Zion) orthodox Chabad Münstersche Str. 6, orthodox• Chabad Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 34 • Ohel Hachidusch egalitarian Detmolder Str. 17/18,  Rykestraße 53, VH(Yeshurun Minyan) orthodox

Cultural Institutions: Festivals

There are tons of cultural institutions connected with Judaism in Berlin. The Jewish community runs it´s own festival, the Jewish Cultural Festival, every year in the autumn. ( However, two other projects became much more important: the Jewish Filmfestval Berlin-Brandenburg is meanwhile one of the most important Jewish Filmfestivals in the world. ( Another important festival is dedicated to Jewish synagogue music, the Louis Lewandowski Festival which has gained international reputatin since it´s inauguration in 2011 (

Berlin and Israel

Regarding Israeli Culture in Berlin a lot of things are going on as well. Traditional institutions like the DIG (German-Israeli association) are putting constant effort in the bilateral relationship for many years ( and institutions like the German-Israeli Future Forum prepares the Youth of both countries for further cooperation and fruitful coexistence ( One of the newer attempts towards younger people is the ID festival, a bilateral theatre and culture festival. (

Culinary Berlin - kosher, kosher style and Israeli

there are a very few kosher restaurants in Berlin

The newest addition to the Berlin kosher portfolio is Restaurant Bobbe, a small restaurant in a hip area of the city, offering Israeli style and traditional Eastern European Jewish food (
Chabad, of course has a kosher restaurant in their community center: Gadya Kosher Restaurant

Bleibergs is a nice Café and Pizza place in the center of West-Berlin

A mixture of kosher and non kosher kitchen is offered at Feinbergs., an Israeli restaurant providing clients with kosher meat on request.